Trash Intelligence

Author: Mario Bekes

All Intelligence is information, not all information is intelligence (Lowenthal, 2000) Trash can be a valuable source of intelligence but how can it be of value and what are the dangers people and businesses need to watch out for? In this article, we look at how to structure the management... View Article

Using military know-how to reduce your reputational risk

Author: Mario Bekes

Reputational risk, and how to mitigate it, is a frequent topic at the boardroom table. It is a risk which could affect anyone, particularly high profile corporations and government agencies. The impacts are wide ranging including financial loss, lost revenue, increased operating and regulatory costs and most importantly loss of... View Article

Understanding Key Intelligence Needs (Surveillance Investigations)

Author: Mario Bekes

In our current environment the key to survival for an organisation depends on their ability to see the bigger picture and this is particularly so for insurance companies and claims agencies. Claims are ongoing on a daily basis regardless if it is worker’s compensation, life insurance, public liability or third... View Article