About Us

“Investigation? You don’t seek justice. You don’t seek truth. You seek facts and develop intelligence.”

Insight Intelligence Group is an Australian, privately owned company established in 2003 which offers highly detailed investigative intelligence services as well as contemporary information risk management solutions for corporations, insurance companies, brokers and legal firms throughout Australia and internationally.

Insight Intelligence Group has a proven reputation of delivering high end investigations and valuable competitive business intelligence, with all our clients receiving satisfying results.
Military and diplomatic intelligence expertise has created the foundation for Insight Intelligence Group. The company relies on experience from government sector crime investigations, academic research, artificial intelligence expertise and employs forensic psychology. The goal is to conduct investigations with superior results, share experiences with our clients and assist implementing beneficial work place processes tailored to information risk management.

We are extremely proud to be able to offer our services and guarantee excellent customer support, quality assurance, regular updates and clear communication. Most importantly, we work within the legal frame, staunchly abiding all acts and legislations.

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