Socmint Investigations

Social Media Intelligence and Network Mapping

Social Media Intelligence and Network Mapping is the process of investigating the networked structure associated with a subject.

We collect information via open sources to analyse the individual actors, people, or things within the network and the ties, links, relationships and/or interactions that connect them.

This information is utilised to construct a map of the subject’s network.

The subject of this form of investigation can be any individual or organisation that has an open source presence on a social media platform.

This intelligence can produce valuable insight into the interests, behaviours, activities and associates of the subject. This insight can supplement a background check or be utilised by the subject or their competitors as a source of competitive advantage.

Open Source Monitoring

Social media monitoring is the active monitoring of social media channels for information about an individual, company or organisation in real time.

This allows our clients to track what is being said about you, your brand and your actions. Open source monitoring will enable you to identify and react to emerging opportunities or threats instantaneously as they arise.

Utilising the Intelligence Management Cycle, Insight Intelligence Group will identify your objectives and priorities and monitor open source social media channels.

The regularity of monitoring can vary from as needed to multiple times per day depending on your needs.

Open Source Monitoring is especially useful for the following:

  • Political Intelligence Analysis and Trends
  • Reputational and Brand Risk Management
  • Competitor and Product Analysis
  • Public Opinion and Polling

Insight Intelligence Group combines an analysis of OSINT (Open Source Intelligence), HUMINT (Human Intelligence) and SOCMINT (Social Media Intelligence) in order to provide reports which cover not only one part of social media but all protagonists, relevant parties and backgrounds so you as a decision maker, can have facts supported with detailed findings.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss further on how to utilise our services in social media intelligence and open sources monitoring.

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