Factual Investigations

Information is a valuable currency. Factual investigations are all about information, information which is accurate, evidenced and representative of the facts.

Insight Intelligence Group Pty Ltd understands that it is vital to have accurate facts and information. Accurate and complete information presented in the form of a factual report allows you to make the right claim decisions with minimal cost payouts.

Factual investigation reports are documented evidence which can be used in your organisation as a part of the risk management process. The reports are based on information collected for the purpose of improving guidelines, employment or grievance processes, or simply the construction of a code of conduct and duty of care policy.

Our team understands the requirements of a factual investigation and the importance of the investigation process for your company, stakeholders and employees. We will work alongside you, tailoring the investigation process as we report and communicate with your organisation.

Insight Intelligence Group’s clear and concise reports outline all the factual evidence obtained throughout the case and will ensure that you can make the right decision and implement policies and procedures if needed.

All our investigations are conducted within the legal framework, acts and legislations.

Insight Intelligence Group provides Factual Investigations for the following:

  • Workers Compensation Insurance Claims
  • Life, Disability and Income Protection Claims
  • General Insurance Claims
  • CTP / Motor Vehicle Claims
  • Marine and Boat Claims
  • Public Liability Claims
  • Internal Workplace Investigations and Consultancy
  • Psychological / Harassment / Bullying / Grievance Insurance Claims
  • Superannuation Claims

We are continuously looking to streamline processes and improve the overall client experience. With the development of a secure in-house platform called ‘Refer to Us’ we provide you easy access to claim management and referrals, being more efficient with a more client-centric approach.

Insight Intelligence Group helps through consultancy in developing your own investigative tactics, techniques, report preparation and delivery methods.

Insight Intelligence Group is zealously committed to providing the highest quality reports, services and communications. For online referral submission please click here.

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