Surveillance Techniques and Methods

This training course is designed for legal practitioners, claims and case managers, HR managers, return to work co-ordinators and all those in corporations, business enterprises and they are seeking to use surveillance as a part of evidence on court of law, internal investigations or obtaining information and intelligence about employees, competitors, product or any type of activity.

Surveillance it’s an art, careful planning, knowing key objective, allocating resources and choosing most suitable surveillance investigator, monitoring about progress of investigation it’s a key for success.

Training Surveillance Techniques and Methods consist from following topics:

  • What is the Surveillance
  • Surveillance Investigations: Corporate vs Government Sector
  • Legal requirements and legislations for surveillance
  • Key for successful surveillance investigation
  • Background Check/Open vs Close Source of Investigation
  • Identifying Person of Interest and Background Checks
  • Questioning Techniques
  • Instructions and Importance of Key Objective
  • Operational and Strategic Surveillance Investigations Planning
  • Commencing Surveillance and Communications
  • Tactical Surveillance Investigations and Planning
  • Surveillance in Urban Areas
  • Surveillance in Rural Areas

Learning Outcomes: Definition of Surveillance and Counter surveillance, Legislations and Acts relevant to Surveillance Investigations, Social Media and Background checks– importance and what tools are available for surveillance and how to execute successful surveillance investigation. This course is theoretical with some practical in class exercise.