Surveillance Investigations

Surveillance investigation is a highly powerful type of investigation and there is no such thing as a failed surveillance. Surveillance investigations always provide documented and physical evidence. That evidence can be used in a court of law, as a part of the intelligence management cycle, psychological profiling and most importantly to identify a person of interest.

Surveillance investigation requires a methodical and regimental approach in order to effectively execute this type of investigation. Needless to say, understanding the key intelligence needs (KINs) and open source intelligence (OSINT) with a clear objective, including other elements and methods, is needed to create a successful surveillance investigation along with abiding all acts and legislations.

Insight Intelligence Group will assist you with planning and executing surveillance investigations and our proactive approach ensures engagement with you and your organisation regularly from day one until completion.

Insight Intelligence Group provides surveillance investigations for:

  • Life and Income Protection
  • Workers Compensation Claims
  • Internal or External Theft
  • Geospatial Intelligence and Surveillance
  • Intellectual Theft Property
  • Industrial Espionage and Product Tampering
  • Online (Desktop) Surveillance
  • Work productivity and work place attendance (absenteeism)

Insight Intelligence Group offers you consultation and training in surveillance investigations for your organisation and team members.

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