Competitive and Human Business Intelligence Analysis

In the business world, human intelligence and counter-intelligence are becoming increasingly important elements in creating success and wealth for small, medium and large organisations. They are also vital in minimising the risks of take-overs, fraud, industrial espionage, theft of intellectual property, blue prints, and trade secrets; the list goes on.

Perception is reality. Accurate intelligence will increase your perception and give you benefits in performing better in the marketplace by protecting your intellectual property.

Competitors will always find ways to gather information about your products and processes. But the most common way is by using inside information – having a person or persons who will pass on information via email, phone and mail. It could be someone from the very heart of your company.

Information can make the difference between success and failure. If your organisation has information about a competitor, what stops your competitor from having information about you, your product, your blue prints, your trade secrets.

Possessing accurate intelligence is like using a flashlight in the dark. Maybe it won’t remove any of the obstacles in your path, but it will illuminate them so that you will not stumble upon them unwittingly.

Training Course in Competitive and Human Intelligence Analyst consist from following topics:

  • What is the Information and value of Information
  • Information Validity and Source Reliability
  • What is the Human Intelligence
  • Intelligence Management Cycle (Tactical, Strategic and Operational)
  • Human Intelligence Applications in Commercial and Corporate Sector
  • Social Media and Human Intelligence Operational Management
  • Social Engineering and Applications

Learning Outcomes: Human Intelligence it is integral part of decision making, from diplomatic, political, military to corporate level. Every information has source, unfortunately most information collected comes from sources where corporation cannot validate, due the fact they come from social media. Information has value, it is quantified and originated so with this course training we provide insights into world of human intelligence, entry level for understanding how to obtain information, how to utilise intelligence management cycle and more. This course is theoretical in class however practical assignments will be given to participants.

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