Forensic investigations

Forensic investigation is a part of our cultural identity. Forensic investigation is portrayed in books, the news and in film. A perception is invoked that highly trained personnel will be collecting some form of physical evidence with eventual scientific results that cannot be questioned or bargained with. In other words, forensic investigation implies the reliability, certainty, and authority of a scientific inquiry.

Insight Intelligence Group provides a range of forensic investigations to support factual or surveillance investigations.

Forensic investigations are more sophisticated in nature however, we offer our clients those
investigations as an integral part of factual or surveillance investigations, coordinated by industry recognised leaders, qualified to provide findings and reports which can be used in a court of law as evidence and as an expert witness role.

Forensic Data Recovery Investigations

Have you or your organisation lost intellectual property data or any form of business intelligence data due to human or technical error? Have you been suspicious that your intellectual property or business intelligence data is being deliberately and purposely deleted from your hard drive? Do you want your intellectual property and business intelligence data returned and secure? Do you want to know who has been perpetrating these atrocities against you?

Insight Intelligence Group offers you data recovery or data destruction services for the following:

  • HDD Data Recovery
  • USB Data Recovery
  • Smart Phone Data Recovery
Forensic Marine Investigations

Insight Intelligence Group offers a wide range of forensic investigations to the maritime industry, including lawyers, claims agencies and insurance companies.

Insight Intelligence Group provides factual investigations for:

  • Accident investigations, particularly when involving injury to the marine vessel staff or shore-workers.
  • General and condition surveys for pre-purchase of marine vessels.
  • Marine Vessel surveys, inspections, vetting, marine engineering, naval architecture,
    marine vessel operations and maritime affairs.
  • Forensic accident/incidents investigations to the marine vessel, PWC or any other marine type vessel.
  • General consultancy including expert witness and technical assistance in litigated matters.
Forensic Automotive Investigations

Fraud is reality and the never-ending creativity of fraudsters causes tremendous loss to
consumers, the insurance industry and injury to third parties. The automotive industry and automotive claims require not only factual investigation but require forensic investigation by expert forensic investigators to determine and provide reliable facts and physical evidence.

We at Insight Intelligence Group are proud to provide forensic automotive investigations for:

  • Reports and consulting in relation to causes of motor vehicle accidents.
  • Analysis of the factors involved in a motor vehicle accident and an examination of the evidence, including evidence relating to motor defects and findings of any police reports or other investigation services.
  • Court and tribunal proceedings as an Expert Witness and as an advisor in automotive matters.
  • Repairs quality disputes and crash matters relating to the automotive and boating industry, other repairers and industry and government bodies.
  • Expert Witness and consultancy.

All our forensic Investigators are accredited and qualified to provide Forensic Reports and to be your Expert Witness in a court of law.

Please contact us should you require further information on our Forensic Investigation Services.

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