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Companies and SME’s are being held accountable today, as never before, by government and private citizens, stakeholders, shareholders and employees. Each can and do raise significant allegations and call a company’s conduct into question.

The Insight Intelligence Institute combines skills, knowledge and experience not only from field of investigation and human intelligence. We take a step further, including highly skilled practitioners from psychology, leadership, management and organisation to deliver world-class training and research to help corporations to combat, prevent and investigate criminal activities, fraud, theft and loss of intellectual property.

Not all investigations of crime or fraud will be satisfactorily resolved for one reason and one reason only. Even before you commence your investigation, the perpetrator is prepared to defend themselves against your inquiries and interviews, thanks to today’s speed of light transfer of information (technology is not the sole preserve of investigators).

There are different types of investigations and reasons behind crime or fraud. However, it is important to understand that it is the claimant or the perpetrator that is beating the system. It’s not necessarily your investigation that is at fault.

Perpetrators today have ample information from social media, books, newspapers and government portals, to which they are entitled. Hence, they will generally have a good idea of what they can expect if they are called for an interview, because ‘the system’ makes it available.

Hence, the burden falls on the shoulders of the investigator to use their skills and become an artist in delivering a professional investigation with satisfactory results.

Conducting investigations internally or externally into allegations against your company prior to formal investigations by a regulator is a critical undertaking to get ahead of those allegations. Prompt and thorough internal investigations allow your company to address any problematic conduct identified and mitigate any damage it may sustain because of the allegations.

The Insight Intelligence Institute offers organisations a range of corporate risk management investigative services including consulting, training and corporate research in competitive business intelligence, investigations methods and applications, human and social behaviour.

“Whether you’re a small, medium, or large-sized business, your brand’s health and reputation
is often defined by the way you engage in public environments”

Eric Berkowitz

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