Whistleblower and Informant Management

Whistleblowers and Informants provide information which can be extremely beneficial to any corporation. Unfortunately, in the past Whistleblowers have been mistreated and mismanaged, being investigated and interrogated.

It is imperative for organisations and corporations to comply with the law, legislations and acts. We at Insight Intelligence Group offer to you the training and consultancy so you may build a team responsible for the management of whistleblowers and informants.

Our training and consultancy services are designed with an understanding of the legislations for the protection of Whistleblowers in Australia.

Our latest monograph “The Corporate Informant and Whistleblower Management Plan” is designed to assist organisations and corporations in the correct management of Informants and Whistleblowers. It will highlight the importance of understanding the motives behind Whistleblowers and how to communicate with them effectively.

The education and training of select personnel within a corporation is a must and this book offers valuable insight into how to act professionally and in accordance with compliance requisites.

Along with the new Treasury Laws Amendment (Enhancing Whistleblower Protections) Act 2019, this book will be recognised as a positive force for organisations and human resource management professionals.

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