Airports – an Emotions Killer

Do you remember that moment when you waited for someone at the airport or travelled to wait for someone who you love so much? How did you feel in that moment? Good? Excited? Anxious?

It goes without saying that sooner or later we will travel. Sometimes that choice will be that we travel for holidays, which is exciting. Particularly if we are going to visit some exotic place and drink fresh coconut.

When we travel for business, there is nothing exciting in that except a few shots in first class and placing those images on social media. Of course who wouldn’t take a few shots when your company is paying? After all under the images goes that hashtag successful, influencer and, well no one cares for you being in first class. Last and most important travel is, to see your loved ones. Boyfriend, Girlfriend and some perhaps unicorns and mermaids, but after all that type of traveling is boosted with emotions.

There is the moment in life when we either wait for someone, or we go to someone for whom we believe we can’t breathe, walk, talk, work or sleep? Did you have that moment in your life? I certainly did. But today is not about me but about me observing events on airports as an innocent bystander. The reason is that I recently travelled from Sydney to Dubai and all the way around the globe back to Sydney. So, I had time to see people at airports and observing their body language and behaviour while waiting for their next flight.

And of course, sipping some type of coffee with a ridiculous price tag. Coffee tastes like the airport, aesthetic, cold and no emotions while drinking with occasional peek into my photo album on my mobile. They are still there in my album, good. Anyway, I do remember in my old times; train stations were a battlefield of emotions. Today airports add into this personal experience in intelligence that I cannot not see or hear.

I saw a few couples on that trip, he waited for her, she was escorting him onto the plane. She waited for him. He waited for her. A vicious circle indeed. Overall, the first step is flying around the globe. The second is waiting in the crowd for that magical moment. For that sliding door to open so that emotions can explode, kisses can land on lips, cheeks, hands wrapping around bodies like a King Mambo snake.

Beautiful scenes that I wish I can go back in time for and be younger, not a senior citizen. Then there are couples who are saying good bye to each other at the airport terminal. Funny, how those moments when you say good bye to someone who are flying compared to when you arrive, you believe you have all time in the world. How wrong we humans are. We are and let me tell you why…

Airports are connecting us with loved ones, but in reality, they are separating us and it breaks my heart when I see those couples. Those silent tears with aching pain in the stomach, head and who knows where else. We don’t appreciate the one most valuable thing in our life we got at birth.
Time. It is our most valuable commodity in life.

Airports don’t stop time or slow down, they are amplifying killing fields of our emotions. Airports leave that vacuum of unsaid, unspoken words. Airports are like abbys which need to be filled with hopes, dreams and anticipations till next, what? Airport waiting of course.

So what I concluded, is that despite airports being the emotions killer we need to learn to appreciate time we have with our loved ones and to manage time ahead of us with the same people we are waiting for, and when traveling too.

Time is the answer. Time, at the airport is ultimately the beginning of something beautiful or death of emotions. So live your life, make plans now. Don’t’ spend time on airports. Instead be the one who is taking the suitcase of loved ones and give that hug and start the life together.

I am still flying for business (and with no influncers shots from first class) but I know that time is the biggest ally and biggest downfall for emotions and airport coffees are not so good to feed our emotions.



This post was written by Mario Bekes