Who is The Liver King – Truth and Myth

A story about a boy who was bullied and then discovered how to be successful, strong, loved, and treasured while earning millions of dollars.

How much do people believe what they see and read on social media nowadays?

Are we conscious of all that is provided to us on a daily basis?

Do we reject them or accept and believe them?

These are the issues I’ve been discussing with my pals over the last few days.

What happened to all of us, and where did critical thinking, enquiry, and deeper thought go?

Social networks have caught us in their web, which they weave more of every day, and we are becoming further entangled in it.

I’ve already talked about influencers, who they are, what they do, how much influence they have and how they use it, the positive and negative aspects, but there’s always the question of how thin the line between a charlatan and an influencer is.

The King of the Liver
Do you know who the King of the Liver is? I believe you’ve seen photos of a strong bearded man eating raw meat somewhere on social media.

Who is the Liver King?
Brian Johnson, often known as Liver King on social media, is a fitness social media figure and entrepreneur from the United States. He is well-known for promoting a “ancestral lifestyle,” which includes consuming raw, unprocessed organs and meat on a daily basis, as well as liver. As a result, he earned the title “Liver King.”

In the year 1978, Brian was born.

According to Liver King, his goal is to return to a more basic way of existence. How practical is this, and how prepared are we?

The plot is right in front of us.

Brian Johnson, Liver King, looked substantially different three decades ago. The influencer grew to prominence as a result of his unique lifestyle. He takes cold baths, weighs himself with his teeth, and eats half a kilogramme of raw beef liver every day.

Despite the fact that he was moulded 30 years ago, many people were ignorant of his terrible past, which he revealed on Instagram.

“Adolescence was the most difficult period of my life.” I was too small. I appeared ridiculous. I lacked both company and a sense of self-worth. I was kicked and punched on a daily basis. I had to find a way out of the anguish of my life without my father, and I did. I started working. “I became stronger,” he wrote.

Johnson states that the bullying drove him to change his life and gain confidence.

30 years later, I’m in the best shape of my life. If you ask me what has changed, I’ll tell you that I’ve begun to restore what the modern world has left behind.

And how did that occur? Johnson worked as a supporter of his wife’s dental office before embarking on his influencer job.

My Son’s Allergies
Brian was living the “American dream” before adopting this lifestyle, as he puts it. His life had been so simple until his sons became ill.

– My sons’ allergies became more acute and dangerous as they interacted with the contemporary society. After being outside for a bit, terrifying rashes formed. Even playing with our family dog caused runny noses, watery eyes, and shortness of breath. The genuine wake-up call was the cessation of my sons’ respiration. We were quite fortunate. Brian stated that we arrived at the hospital on time.

He claims that he and his wife made the decision to face the matter.

We tried everything, as any reasonable parent would. And that’s where our journey began, he continued, explaining that they then restricted their diet to raw meat and locally farmed fruit.

To begin, we avoided processed foods.

We began reintroducing things that our forefathers ate: seasonal fruits and vegetables, complete, nutrient-dense animals. So, the liver. In barely two weeks, our boys’ behaviour changed dramatically. Likewise in ours. Even after twenty years, Brian still consumes half a kilogramme of liver every day.

Brian’s nine ancestral principles are as follows:

Brian adheres to the nine life ideals listed below, which he also communicates on his social media channels:

1. Sleep
The primary ancient tenet is that sleep is more vital than anything else. This is a time to detox, recharge, rebuild, and restore both the body and the mind.

It’s all about getting the most out of your sleep, having your last meal of the day a couple hours before bed, and staying away from phone distractions.

2. Move
Physical activity in the present world and in our old environment are unrelated. This is almost as big of a mistake as dieting.

Brian sticks to this routine by going for thirty-minute walks every day, rain or shine. According to him, “well-being built from well-balanced movement eliminates the need for consumption-based pleasures.”

3. Protection Shield because we need to prevent dangers much like our ancestors did, but instead of running from lions, we run from seed oils, excessive WiFi, EMFS, and man-made poisons.
A product based on personal defence against all of the modern world’s supposed threats.”Dangers like these gradually accumulate and, with an additive effect, gradually disrupt our hormones, metabolism, and capacity for deep sleep,” he continued.

4. Eat Eat because we evolved to eat the whole animal.
Brian Johnson advises staying away from processed foods high in fat, sugar, liquid calories, and seed oils.

5. The sun
The sun is necessary for the natural generation of vitamin D. This helps to prevent tooth decay, boosts immunity, and improves general health.

Brian usually attempts to get as much vitamin D as he can during the day, claiming that it supplements the fat-melting vitamins A and K found in the liver and bone marrow.

6. The flu
Comfort is harmful to the body.
According to him, spending extended periods of time in cold baths, rivers, and lakes exposes one to the natural elements, which is vital. This, he claims, boosts circulation, which strengthens the body’s defence mechanisms.

7. Attempt
This element of his beliefs is less about disputes and more about the idea that we should always hold ourselves to high standards.

8. Connect 24 hours a day, 365 days a year; our forefathers were in continual contact with the planet.
Brian states that taking off his shoes and going on long walks reconnects him with the soil and Mother Nature. This has a really relaxing effect on him, keeping his blood pressure and sleep quality in perfect balance.

9. Social relationships
Put aside your phones and spend time with friends and family. Brian Johnson stated, “We will always be social beings in need of others.”

With the exception of the one regarding raw liver, I must say that I follow the majority of Brian’s nine rules, but can we obtain Brian’s body by following these recommendations and eating all of these foods?

How did Liver King make money?
Liver King and his wife, Barbara Johnson, founded and eventually sold a vertically integrated dentistry practise. The Johnsons left their successful dentistry practise to work full-time as influencers and nutritional supplement sellers.

At the time, the Liver King’s wife supported his rural lifestyle, allowing him to begin the Liver King adventure as a ripped, shirtless influencer.

These enterprises are founded on a philosophy known as “Ancestral Living,” which refers to a style of life influenced by our forebears’ activities. This includes a paleo diet of raw meat, bone marrow, and animal liver, which pushes the limits of the human body.

The majority of Brian Johnson’s income comes from social media endorsements. Johnson rose to prominence as a social media influencer in the United States in 2022, with millions of followers on his many platforms.

Johnson is gaining popularity by revealing her diet and exercise regimen. The Liver King’s fortune is mostly derived from his ancestors’ lifestyle supplement business.

As a bodybuilder, he also makes money from sponsorship partnerships and brand promotions, which he advertises on social media. Johnson’s fortune has grown dramatically in recent years.

How does Liver King put his money to work?
The Liver King may be an infamous caveman who eats liver and walks about shirtless, but he knows how to invest his money.

If Brain Johnson owns his real estate outright, his nett worth is estimated to be around $12 million, according to public records.

Each of Liver King’s supplement brands generates over $1 million in annual revenue. He also claims to have between ten and twelve unreleased projects.

Before Liver King and his wife invested completely in companies and influenced supplements, they both worked at Dentik Dentistry in Texas. They started the company with a $500,000 investment split 50-50, then sold it for an undisclosed sum. They went on to other projects after selling Dentik in 2010.

Supplements for Ancestors
Under the Ancestral Lifestyle brand, Johnson’s major line of business is the marketing of supplements produced from animal organs, especially protein powders. Some argue that the modern diet prevents us from living the full lives we were meant to. According to public estimates, the annual revenue from ancestral supplements ranges between $1 million and $10 million.

With 175,000 monthly unique visitors, an average order size of $80 (the cost of two supplements), and a 2% conversion rate, the website earns approximately $3 to $4 million in annual revenue. Amazon orders might produce an additional $24 million in revenue per year.

Liver King, who claims to be the company’s founder, appears to be the company’s major shareholder. If the average profit margin for supplements is 38%, the corporation is likely to make between $380,000 and $3 million in profit.
Other Liver King businesses

Liver King also has stakes in the dietary supplement companies Heart and Soil, The Fittest, and Medicine Man. Heart and Soil, a weight loss supplement company, makes around $5 million in revenue, whereas The Fittest, a strength supplement company, makes less than $5 million.

Medicine Man is a mushroom-based supplement that generated approximately $1 million in revenue in its first year of business with joint venture partner Mark Vorderbruggen. Because Liver King is likely to be a minority shareholder in these companies, its capital is expected to be significantly less valuable than Ancestral’s.

Property investment
Brian Johnson and his family live in an 8,300-square-foot Spanish-style mansion in Austin, Texas. Each of these mansions is supposedly valued $7 million. It is uncertain whether he owns the house or how much money he paid for it out of his own pocket. The house has a sauna, a steam room, and a pool.

The Liver Ranch in and around Austin, Texas, contains a pool, pond, and an area where cows and poultry can be found. On this site, Liver King maintains a ranch with at least three cows, two homes, and a garage.

The Liver King Ranch will most likely be six to ten acres in size, as we estimate that everyone requires about an acre. Properties that fit this criteria are often priced between $500,000 and $1 million.

How did Liver King’s investing portfolio perform? The majority of the Liver King’s assets are held by private corporations, along with a few individual houses, although their exact value is difficult to quantify.

Although Liver King is not your normal investor, he does understand how to make more money doing what he enjoys.

Quotes About Liver King Investing
Liver King is a firm believer in all things organic. If you can’t go all in, don’t go at all, he says. According to Liver King, “live naturally, vibrantly, and own every link in the supply chain.”

The most prudent financial decisions are those that have been thoroughly and thoughtfully studied. You can’t invest half-heartedly, so send everything in at once and try again if you don’t succeed the first time.

„I am a business builder. I am a hunter of evolution. “I am that guy who left the fucking safety of the cave to take a real fucking risk.”

„Whatever the gain, it must be proportionate to the risk. So have some balls and take some God damn fucking chances.”

“So this is how I make my money…I own the companies downstream and upstream of (each other).”

Should I, like Liver King, invest, or should you?

Not everyone is cut out to enter the highly competitive world of business right away.

Any individual, however, can invest in a startup. One certain interpretation from the Liver King’s story is that he invested in businesses in which he believed. This makes it easy for him to endorse these companies’ products just by being himself.

But what if we really want to acquire a house? There’s nothing wrong with that. Investing in real estate is a possibility. It is, without a question, a wise investment.

In any case,The Liver King drew a lot of attention because of his life, attitudes, and, most importantly, his appearance. He drew the attention of guys, who make up the majority of his social media followers, as well as celebrities.

But, as my colleague podcaster Joe Rogan put it, “not everyone agrees that the Liver King’s physique is solely the result of raw food and consistent exercise.” Rogan dismissed The Liver King’s claims about the superiority of liver as a “gimmick,” adding, “He has an ass filled with steroids, is what that guy’s got.”

Is Liver King on STEROIDS? Is it all big fat LIE?

Johnson described his serious self-esteem issues, which motivated him to use steroids and other medications to enhance his body, in a video titled “Confessions of the Liver King…I Lied” that he posted to his YouTube profile.

According to fitness and self-improvement websites, this comes after hacked emails revealed Johnson was taking Omnitrope growth hormone, which costs around $11,000 per month.

Liver King previously denied using steroids because he was concerned that it would harm his business, which has nearly five million followers across TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Johnson’s reputation for sustaining a traditional way of life is jeopardised by his use of steroids. It’s unknown how the revelation has affected the Liver King’s fortune.

So, how about you?

Do you believe the King Liver legend?

What are your thoughts on everything?

This post was written by Mario Bekes