This explains why you will never succeed in the market

I do remember that when I started my first business, one of the most powerful and insightful lessons I ever learned was, “Mario, always prepare yourself before you go to a meeting.”

My response would be, “What specific steps should I take to prepare myself?” The answer was concise and straightforward: conduct a background check, exercise due diligence on the individual, or simply, understand who you are speaking with and what you are offering.

Days of face-to-face meetings are bringing back memories of the good old days, when I used to dress in suits, polish my shoes, and carry my documents in a fake leather bag due to a lack of funds for real leather, branded, and gold-imprinted bags. However, that is a story for another time.

That being said, I always knew who I wanted to see and what I wanted to ask, and of course I would adjust, improvise, and implement my conversation with potential clients according to the topic, theme, and tone of the conversation.

After several years of hiding behind desks in pyjamas and pretending that business is as usual, the luxury of true negotiation has vanished.

However, many have embraced the innovative strategy of “carpet bombing” online with a variety of offers and deals, as evidenced by my success.

Here’s the explanation for why the majority of online gurus, who instruct others on business management, utilize B52’s targeting strategy to attract potential clients: by presenting compelling business offers, we can convince someone to accept them, leading to a successful business transaction.

Every day, a plethora of emails, SMS, or LinkedIn promotional emails inundate me, offering solutions to all my past, present, and future problems, both in business and in private.

The best part is that it’s becoming entertaining to see how true desperation and KPIs are pushing some businesses and individuals to the breaking point. As a result, they adopted carpet bombing by using all available means, and the method of delivery is electronic (emails, SMS, etc.).

It is wrong and will continue to be wrong, as it fosters resentment and negative thinking instead of creating a positive impact.

Stop listening to others, but instead focus your effort on the way you would like to be treated and approached.

So let me present two types of analysis when it comes to “online” offers: emails with solutions to all problems, and the list goes on.

Pre-Mortem Analysis is the approach I was required to use when I was working in government intelligence services.
  1. Identify who your target market is (company or individual).
  2. Identify who is the most appropriate person in the organisation to talk to. Make sure you know the name and address of the person you need to speak with.
  3. Conduct thorough research on the company, its services, its products, and their potential benefits. Your products and services can benefit potential clients.
  4. As a means of communication, you only have one chance to impress, so find a way to communicate properly and clearly in order to gain attention.
Postmortem Analysis
  1. Reputational Risk: It goes without saying that employees don’t care about reputation, but as a business owner, you should, and if you are the CEO, it is a must.
  2. If you send an unsolicited email or business offer, it’s likely that people will remember you and your company in the future.
  3. You are offering a solution to a person or company; most likely, they will question your intention.
  4. If you succeed in gaining a foothold in some businesses or individuals and can’t deliver on what you promise, then you know that there will probably be legal implications.

Ask yourself: How many CEOs of large organisations are waiting for your emails to solve their problems, needs, etc.? I doubt anyone will open your email and seize the opportunity; instead, they will perceive you differently and in a negative light.

Imagine yourself as a CEO of a large organisation, and only then will you comprehend the importance of conducting business in person rather than via email. If you can’t adopt this mindset, you’ll realize why you’ll never succeed in the market, even if you spend $29.95 on an online life coach or business guru who promises to reveal the secrets of becoming wealthy.

This post was written by Mario Bekes