The Most Dangerous Man on the Internet

You must have “caught” the name Andrew Tate out of the corner of your eye if you’ve recently used social media or read portals or newspapers online, which I’m sure you have because it’s tough to live and work without them these days.

If you use TikTok, even if it’s just to “tease and spy” on your children, you know that everything on it is fast, not always full of meaning, and radical.

Yes, Andrew Tate, a bald guy in fine suits standing next to expensive cars, at war with “the fraud of political correctness” and the “corrupt and decadent Western value system,” as he sees it.

What precisely is Andrew Tate’s name?
Andrew is a former kickboxer who was a millionaire (he discovered a way to get money on the internet), a “misogynist” (according to his opponents), and a “womaniser” (according to him).

In any case, here are a few Tate facts:
He was born in the United Kingdom 36 years ago and has dual citizenship in both the United Kingdom and the United States.

Following a successful career in kickboxing, he transitioned to influencer marketing, primarily dealing with male-female relationships, and many women see his statements as blatant misogyny and humiliation. As a result of all of this, Twitter banned him, but that’s not all.

He makes a lot of money by selling online training to people who believe his way of thinking would transform them into “real men” who are “not slaves to the decadence of Western civilisation.”

He is also accused of human trafficking and rape in Romania, where he is awaiting prosecution.

Tate lives in Romania for the following reasons: “I want to live in a country where I can pay the cop 50 euros when I break the law; I want to live in a country where we all have the right to corruption, not in the West, where that right is reserved only for the rich.”

Tate has been a committed kickboxer and martial artist since 2005, when he won the ISKA (International Sports Karate Federation) Championship in Derby and was ranked first in Europe in his weight class.

He defeated Jean-Luc Benoit to become world champion in the ISKA version of the light heavyweight division, and he went on to win the title a few more times.

The Hustler Academy
Tate used his social media profiles to direct visitors to his websites, where he promised them the chance to become wealthy and popular among women. He operates a studio where his girlfriends work, and he and his brother Tristan are accused of “selling fake girlfriend stories” to unsuspecting customers via webcams for millions of dollars.

Andrew Tate has created an ingenious pyramid scheme with his online “academy” Hustler University.

The Observer reports that Tate’s “followers” are tasked with flooding social media with his videos, selecting the most controversial footage to gain the most views.

Thousands of members of Tate’s secret online academy “Hustler University” do this every day in order to game TikTok’s algorithm and artificially enhance the popularity of his videos. They were a success.

In less than three months, he’s amassed a sizable online following and possibly millions of pounds. Tate’s 127,000 members pay £39 to become members of ‘Hustler University,’ and many of them are boys.

Customers were also paid a commision for each new customer they brought on board, and they promoted themselves by flooding social media with snippets from Tate’s most contentious films. The same as a pyramid scam.

Big Brother, Depression, and the #MeToo Movement
When he was evicted from the Big Brother house in 2016 for assaulting a woman with a belt, his public career appeared to be over. Soon after, a second video surfaced in which he orders the woman to keep track of the injuries he allegedly caused her. Both Andrew Tate and the actresses in the films have denied any misconduct.

Then homophobic and racial remarks and insults were revealed on his Twitter profile. In September 2017, mental health organisations chastised him for implying sadness was “not real.” During the height of the #MeToo movement, his Twitter account was blocked the next month. Then he wrote that women should “bear part of the responsibility” for rape, and he went on to build his career on the same premise.

One of the most often asked questions about Andrew Tate, who bills himself as a skilled businessman who can help others become wealthy, is how he made his money.

The Fresh and Fit podcast producers asked Tate how he got started in business after his fighting career ended. Tate, a self-described entrepreneur, revealed that he began researching banks and financial institutions in general. Then he began compiling an inventory of his possessions, which included automobiles, real estate, and so on.

He emphasised that he initiated relationships with women from all around the world throughout his career. So, he reasoned that his girlfriends could have some money resources that he might use.

“I could open a strip joint, but that costs money, and paying utilities costs money,” he said on the show. “How can I use these women to make money?” he wondered. He then began working in the WebCam market, where he made his money. In translation, it became a macro, but on the Internet, it became something akin to a web macro.

During the height of my WebCam pimping, I thought I was the king of the universe, but the problem is that the first two girls worked for me because they loved me, but as the business evolved, you started hiring girls who didn’t love me but did it for the money.”

Tate alleges that the first girls were not compensated and instead “sold their bodies” to him out of love. He moved from the United Kingdom to Romania immediately after founding WebCam.

According to the Daily Mirror, Tate and his brother Tristan ran a web studio where women “sold sad stories” to unknown males who paid four dollars per minute to talk to them (the brothers took most of the money).

Master Tate
Tate, as previously indicated, is not a little individual lurking in some obscure corner of the dark web. He is a well-known TikTok character, with over 15 billion views on his videos. He rose to prominence in 2022 precisely because of his contentious views on male-female interactions.

Guru Tate, who teaches his mostly male devotees how to get money, acquire females, and “escape from the matrix,” went from almost unknown to the most talked about man in the world in a matter of months.

His name was more commonly searched on Google in July 2022 than Donald Trump’s or Kim Kardashian’s.

You need around 60-70% fans and 30-40% haters to be successful.

You will need an online war or conflict.

Controversy is usually explosive, especially when it involves sex and money.
Tate is a money and sex player. He photographs images with flashy cars and beautiful women and provides content for feminists, knowing that his nasty statements about women will enrage them. It is also intended for all men who feel threatened by women.

Unfortunately, I have seen comments from guys on LinkedIn claiming that Tate is “finally putting feminists in their place.” LinkedIn is ostensibly a professional network.

In short, Andrew Tate employed the following tactics to become famous and wealthy:
Developed an online school for £39 per month that promises to teach members about business, cryptocurrency, and other issues.

Developed an affiliate programme for rapid growth (one of the growth marketing approaches is to create a tool for each user to publicise the business to their friends in exchange for something in return).

Tate has promised a 50% discount on the monthly subscription fee to anyone who refers a new Hustler University member.

He produced a significant number of videos in which he tackles sensitive themes and made these materials freely available to his pupils for promotional purposes.

Thousands of people have formed separate TikTok profiles where they post these films in the aim of convincing others to sign up for Tate’s course, thereby flooding TikTok with free Tate promotion.

People watch such video clips because of the disputed material; therefore, TikTok’s algorithm assumes that people love such content and progressively promotes Tate’s other clips to them.

People go to the Tate website to sign up for a course or one of the “special programmes,” one of which costs around £5,000 and the “elite programme,” which costs around £7,000.

They eventually become Tat’s internet advocates, and the circle is complete.

Regardless, Tate worked out where the good money was, exploited the male population’s demand for quick cash and hatred for the #metoo movement, and built a well-structured business. I wouldn’t put my hand in the flames unless it was completely legal, however….
Another difficulty is that I, like the majority of people, despise what he does for a livelihood.

Arrest, Prison and Justice?
Andrew Tate, a controversial influencer, has been charged in Romania with rape, human trafficking, and the establishment of an organised criminal network for the sexual exploitation of women.

Tristan, his brother, and two accomplices have all been charged. They all refuted the allegations.

The Tate brothers were caught in their Bucharest house in 2022.

On March 31, they were transferred from detention to home arrest as a result of a Romanian judge’s decision.

According to the complaint filed in Bucharest, in 2021, the four defendants formed an organised criminal gang for human smuggling in Romania as well as other countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom.

In contrast, the Tate brothers have rejected all of the claims levelled against them.
The Tates’ lawyers are expected to contest the prosecution’s evidence during a pretrial hearing.

Prosecutors will also try to piece together a picture of controlling behaviour and strict boundaries, mostly through witness testimonies and texts reportedly exchanged between different individuals.

Financial transfers are also noted in the prosecution files, including £4 million deposited by Andrew Tate to an online bank account under the name ‘Rev Only Fans’.

Prosecutors state in their report that the Tate brothers do not appear to have income “from legitimate activities,” but that they have acquired “numerous properties,” “15 of the rarest and most expensive cars,” jewellery, and $400,000 in cryptocurrency since 2018.

Prosecutors believe that monthly membership fees to their online groups, War Room, and Hustler’s University, nett the brothers about $5 million.

Romania is ready to go to trial in this case, which will be widely observed throughout the world. Its Department for Combating Organised Crime stated earlier this year that it is still looking into possible juvenile trafficking and money laundering charges in connection with this case. Nobody has been named officially as a suspect.

The trial itself might go years before a verdict is made.

Prosecutors said that films of Andrew Tate outlining how to recruit, manipulate, and exploit women match the evidence.

It remains to be seen how strong Romanian justice will be in dealing with this case, which will receive a great deal of media attention.

Will Andrew Tate’s motivation for travelling to Romania be realised?

What is constant is that Andrew and Tristan continue to make a lot of money.

This post was written by Mario Bekes